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Business and Professional Services

The DGL Office Caribbean Ltd.

Address: Redcliffe Street, St. John's, Antigua, P.O. Box 796

Mobile Number: 268-778-0096

Telephone: 268-783-6623 /



DGL Office is owned by Bryan De Silvia and is part of the DeSilvia Group Limited [DGL] which includes sister companies Paradise Events and Rentals [PEAR] and Ds Trucking.

The DGL Office evolved, in 2010, from Kangaroo Express. KE, started in 2001, was the countrys premier overseas mailbox service-cum-internet cafe.

Its offspring, the DGL Office is conveniently located on Redcliffe Street in St. Johns City, with a second branch, serving customers in the southwestern portion of the island from Jolly Harbour, scheduled for a January 2011 opening. Evolution is a natural part of life and thats just what weve done at DGL, expanding the range of services while holding to the core that means that yes you can still surf the information superhighway but you can now do so much more.

As noted on our Homepage, with the DGL Office, we aim to be your office away from the office, providing all essentials from supplies; to printing, faxing, emailing; to scanning, binding, laminating; to printing and design; to ordering and shipping; PLUS.

And, just think, as a young company, were still evolving. Down the road, well be able to assist with media presentations for product launches and more from conceptualization to design to on-hand assistance with presentation and provision of presentation tools such as a projector.

As the company CEO says, Theres no company (in Antigua and Barbuda) that offers everything that we offer. Thats not a boast, just a statement of fact. Check our Products and Services page to see for yourself; then Contact Us to discuss your needs today.

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Axcel Finance (Antigua) Ltd.

Address: High Street,

Mobile Number: 268-464-8222

Telephone: 268-562-8222 / 268-562-8224



Axcel Finance is a microfinance institution which provides loans to small businesses and gainfully employed consumers. We provide a quick, hassle-free service to accommodate the individual needs of our clients.

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DSN Enterprise

Address: Willikies Village, P. O. Box 2346, St. John's, Antigua

Mobile Number: 268-784-7214

Telephone: 268-460-8736 /

Website: http://


Providing services in the following areas of business: Sports, Entertainment, Hospitality and Healthcare.

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